#StudioSpotlight - My 30 Minutes

I am super excited to bring to you one of the most innovative workouts in Dubai, My30minutes! A 30 Minutes workout that'll burn more calories than a regular 60 minutes at the gym using EMS.

For every one squat with EMS your body records it as 16 squats.

When I arrived at the center, I was obviously full of questions but the personal trainer assigned to me Danny was quick to address all my inquiries. Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology creates an impulse current used to develop strength and muscular development while you work out. It multiplies the impact of your workout by 16. So for every one squat with EMS your body records it as 16 squats. Which is pretty darn sweet.

While I took off my clothes, my trainer Danny prepared the EMS suit, which is basically an electrified jacket with attachable strap-ons for my thighs and arms. Danny took me through a step-by-step guide of the sensations I should expect. She adjusted the EMS feeling in my legs, glutes, abs, chest and arms till I felt comfortable enough to increase the power. I averaged 7 on a scale of 1 to 10, which is generally expected for a beginner.

You have to tighten your muscles before the EMS hits, that way you are prepared for the jolt. The sensation is like nothing I’ve felt before, it’s a cross between tingle and shock. Yes, it’s a tingly shock. I chose the strength-training program but they also provide other programs to suit your desired goal. In these 30 minutes you WILL break a sweat, I was surprised by the intensity of the workout but it is a super effective and fun way to get your body right. 

Have you tried it?

Location: Al Wasl Rd, Jumeirah 1

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/My30MinutesDubai 

Twitter @My30minutesDXB

Instagram @My30minutes

For more information visit http://my30minutes.com/



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