Super Green Juice

I love to juice but sometimes it’s a hassle to get a juicer out. However, since I received the Optimum 9400, a high-speed blender by Froothie Australia, I juice every single day and it’s a breeze.

Yes, the blender juices. It blends the fruits and veggies into such a fine pulp that all I need to do to get the consistency of juice is to add water.

It’s a win-win situation as my juice retains all its fiber, leaving me with a drink that’s not only tasty but super nutritious.  Here is a green juice recipe I’ve been making almost daily.


You’ll need:
1 handful spinach
1 green apple
2 small cucumbers
1 lemon
3 sprigs of mint
1 thumb sized, ginger
2 cups water

Place all the ingredient in the Optimum 9400 and process till completely smooth. Serve and enjoy.

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