#GetTheDish Duck & Orange Salad from Craft Cafe at Dubai Design District

We’re back with another #GetTheDish and its none other than the famous Duck & Orange salad from Craft Cafe in D3. After scouring through tons of delicious images on their Instagram, we knew a visit was long over due. So last Saturday, we wore our foodie hats and ventured in to the Dubai Design District.

We tried everything from the Avocado Toast which is served with a balsamic vinegar reduction over perfectly cooked eggs to a Meat-free Quinoa burger with a crispy quinoa patty that we are dying to eat again.

Smoothies? Check. The Green Heart smoothie was a fav, but you know we like anything with Kale. Acai Bowl? Heck yeah. The creamy addition of Greek yogurt gave the bowl a well rounded balance, it helps that it was topped with all our favorite things. 

However one of the dishes that stood out unequivocally was the Duck Orange Salad. We’re not sure if its the tender juicy duck or the fresh crisp greens or the sweet sticky orange dressing, but just couldn’t get enough of this salad.  It was served with a beautiful orange foam that literally melts in your mouth. After we had one bite, we knew we had to get Chef to share his recipe and he did, so you’re welcome! 

You’ll need:
30 grams  Orange Wedges
20 grams Pomegranate Seeds
20 grams Ciabatta Slices                      
3grams Coriander                              
40 grams Spinach                                   
20 grams Shallots                                      
1 Duck Confit Leg (To make your own duck confit try this recipe)                        
20 grams Walnuts                                   
20 grams Orange Reduction

Orange Reduction:
500gr Orange Juice Fresh  
250gr Sugar | You can swap for honey or coconut sugar                                            
45gr Ginger                                           
45gr Red Chilli                                        

Place in a small pan on medium heat and reduce until you get a syrup consistency.

Debone the Duck confit, and sear in a hot pan with a tablespoon of olive oil.
Dry toast the walnuts in a pan, for about 5 minutes till they start to release their oils. 
Chop the shallots finely, then wash the spinach. 
Make the salad by mixing the Oranges,Pomegranate, Coriander, Shallots and walnuts with the spinach.
Season with salt and dress with the orange reduction.

About Craft Cafe
Craft Café food, dècor and philosophy are designed to reflect our obsessive need for perfection. Nestled in the beating heart of the Dubai Design District, we are fortunate to be surrounded by creativity and energy. Those who dare to dream a little bigger, to think a little harder and push the boundaries of what is possible… Craft Café seeks to mirror their passion with each every mouthful.

Phone: +971 4 514 9032
Email: [email protected]

Building 10, Design District Road,
333 300 Dubai,
United Arab Emirates





Gbemi Giwa