Citrus Cooler

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Ramadan Kareem,

Can you believe this is my first post since my graduation? It was such an amazing day and I was beyond lucky to have my friends and family around me. I have so many photos from the day that I might just do a blog post about it, please comment below if it is something you’d be interested in.


Although my family was here last week, most of them have travelled back for Ramadan. I on the other hand have stayed back in Dubai and introducing things I’d normally do back in Nigeria into my routine makes the decision easier. At home we would usually break our fast with a platter of fresh fruits and juices, and nothing beats this citrus cooler. Its refreshes you quickly, it is easy to digest and it provides the body with interim energy while it prepares for the main course. I love the combinations of tart lemons, slightly bitter grapefruit and sweet oranges with that fresh lime flavor. Its really so good and the mint just ties it all together.


I’ll be honest squeezing citrus can be quite the pain. The oranges in Nigeria are usually green or yellow in color and hard to the touch, so it’s quite a workout. Luckily for me, I received a Multione from Kenwood and its been saving my life since it arrived. It comes with a million and one attachments, okay I’m exaggerating but what do you call a high speed blender, food processor, citrus juicer, food juicer, meat grinder and mixer bowl with several attachments? You can learn more about the Multione here: for English & for Arabic


You’ll need (Serves 5)

8 oranges

1 grapefruit

2 lemons

1 lime

A sprig of mint

Crushed ice



All I did was wash my fruit, cut it in half and let the machine do the work. It’s a really flexible recipe, if you like sweeter drinks you can use more oranges, if you like it tart, use more lemons. Simply juice up your fruits and serve with crushed ice and mint. Enjoy.


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