My name is Gbemisola but most people just call me Gbemi. I know you probably don’t now how to pronounce that, but hey life is tough.

I am Nigerian but I’ve lived in the UAE for over five years now. I’ve recently graduated with a degree in Design Management from the American University of Sharjah. Read as: I think I’m a creative genius. I work as an Engagement Executive for one of my favorite establishments in Dubai’s Food Industry. Read as: I think I’m the luckiest girl in the world.

I like to eat. I like to dance. So it’s not unlikely to find me twerking with a chicken drumstick in one hand and a slice of banana bread in the other. I also have a thing for unlikely food combinations. I like my sweet with savory and spicy and sour.

My life has a tendency to cascade down unplanned routes. So I’m Dubai Fit Foodie today that blogger, designer, dancer, PR girl hybrid but who knows what else I’ll be tomorrow. Any guesses? Please comment below.

If you ever want to get in my good books or you have trouble pronouncing my name you can just call me Beyoncé.

So why Dubaifitfoodie? To be honest it was the coolest name I could think of at the moment and it just kinda stuck. I built this platform to help me document content I would want to read myself. So in my spare time, I read my own blog because its pretty dope. Dope is not a word I would ever say in person.

I write a lot about food. Dubai Fit yeah, you know the rest. Fitness because I just want to have that Beyoncé type body. I talk a lot about my favorite aspects of living in Dubai, the dinning out scene, entertainment, fashion and generally fun stuff. I also like writing about growing up Nigerian, our culture, food and dance. Everything else you see here is just an added bonus really, so you’re most welcome.

Okay. I think I’ve done a good job of introducing you to my personal space on the interwebs. If you want to know more or you want work with me, please email me at I don’t bite, (most of the time)


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