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Sharjah Fruit and Vegetable Market

Hello, nice to meet you My name is Gbemisola, but most people call me Gbemi (If you can’t pronounce “Gb” Be-mee works just as well). I’m from the Yoruba tribe of Nigeria, and my name means “Carry me into wealth”, I do have several other names and […]


Dubai Fit Foodie In NewYork

New York is my favourite city in the world. Sorry Dubai. It was my favourite city before I ever visited it. It sounds fickle but with every NY based movie I watched or book I read, my love grew. I visited New York in October for the […]


Dubai Fit Foodie Takes Miami

If any of you have been to Miami you’ll agree it’s a Spanish speaking Dubai with lots of naked people! Well not “naked” but don’t judge me, I live in Dubai. I visited Miami last month to attend an International Business Conference and participate in […]

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