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Moin-Moin Crepes and a Short Story

I know its been ages, my university is determined to squeeze out the last of me before it lets me go. Its all deadlines – final papers, final manuscripts, final projects, the list is unending but you know what? It’s all-good, 2 more weeks! Besides, […]


Jollof Quinoa

Jollof Jollof. In the recent months Jollof rice has become the sensation of African cuisine. Famous Chef Jamie Oliver completely botched the “traditional” recipe, at least that’s how most Africans have described his attempt. His recipe “broke” the African interwebs as everyone went up in […]

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Garri & Milo Pancakes

You know its a problem when I haven’t posted a pancake recipe in over two weeks. Here is another of my experiments with Garri. If it can be made into a cake, it can be made into pan-cakes. That was me telling a joke, laugh. […]

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Plantain Pancakes

Everyone loves plantain, well everyone should. If you aren’t familiar with plantains, you need to hop on ‘em real quick. They look like banana’s older brother, with a deeper color and larger frame. They are a popular side dish in Caribbean and African cuisine because […]


Akara Pancakes

Hey loves, Tomorrow is Pancake day! Who’s excited? I know I am. I’ve done more pancake recipes on my blog than anything else, so it’s pretty obvious I love pancakes. Make anything into a pancake and I will gobble it all up. So when you look at […]


Plantain Cups

Hello foodies! I’m finally feeling the pressure of the new year, I have a million things to do and time keeps slipping by, I sincerely hope I can get to all my goals before the year is out. I was going to postpone this till later […]



Zobo is popular Nigerian drink made from dry hibiscus leaves. In the Caribbean it is called Jamaican sorrel, Rosella in Australia and Sobolo in Ghana. It’s healthy drink that is filled with the benefits of hibiscus, some of which are cholesterol maintenance and managing blood pressure. Nothing […]

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