Roasted Chicken with Ricotta, Blue Cheese & Sun dried Tomatoes

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So last month, I was contacted by Cook-a-box to do a review of one of their best selling recipes and I was not disappointed at all. I choose to cook the Roasted Chicken stuffed with ricotta, blue cheese and sun-dried tomatoes. Chicken breasts are dear to my heart and I always welcome new takes on it.

Cook-a-Box is a recipe delivery service based in Dubai and their aim is to make home cooking easy and fun. Major emphasis on the word easy. If you’re like me, sometimes you want to cook but the thought of grocery shopping, prepping and chopping all those ingredients and all other cooking shenanigans make you give up and end up ordering take out. Don’t judge me. For me this is the best thing about the Cook-a-Box service, but even more fascinating is their variety range. Their chefs design new recipes every week so you are never out of options! Great right? Cook-a-box has been operating in Dubai for over a year now, so it’s a trusted and reliable service. You can check out their website at cookabox.com and be sure to try them out!

All the ingredients for this recipe came pre-measured, prepped and ready to go. There was also a cute recipe card that had all the directions so all I literally had to do was cook. I’ve tried to tell a visual story with the recipe, for the full recipe get ordering.

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