Crab Tavern – Review

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It is less than a week till the end of Ramadan and I am grateful for the blessings of the month but I’m also excited to go back to my regular lifestyle pattern. I’ve missed going out on dinner dates, brunch, lunch with the girls and all of that. So I was super excited when my friend Zainab of StyleVaultDubai.com invited me to dinner at Crab Tavern, which is a new American style restaurant that just opened at Media One Hotel.


At first I thought it was bizarre for a restaurant to launch during Ramadan but in retrospect it’s I think its brilliant. Opening up close enough to the end of Ramadan when everyone is bored of the whole Iftar routine is the perfect PR move. Media One houses some of my favorite restaurants so I had pretty high expectations and I am happy to report that I was not disappointed.


On the 9th floor venue, the words “Crab Tavern” are tiled into the floor next to “Spirito” which is supposed to be a super chic Favela type Brazilian restaurant that will be opening soon. Once our reservations were confirmed, we were seated at a cozy booth with a panning view of Dubai Marina. For a restaurant that had opened only four days before it was pretty busy. The ambience was a lively mix of chic and causal. Exposed brick walls, wood finished interiors and wide windows with lighting accents added to the urban vibe.


For starters I had the oysters which I tweeted all bout here. They were fresh, salty and paired deliciously with the spicy tangy sauce it was served with. My first drink was the Crab Jar, which came in a cute little mason jar. It had accents of raspberries with just enough kick to get me relaxed. Zainab swears by the watermelon CT, which was a fresh light cocktail that reverberates summer and when it comes to cocktails Zainab know best. Next off I enjoyed the beetroot salad, I love everything beetroot, paired with feta cheese and arugula it was definitely one of the better salads I’ve had in Dubai. And of course I had to try the crab legs, which were served with a delicious herb butter. I kept dipping my fingers into the butter because it was so yummy, especially combined with the moist perfectly cooked fall out of the shell crab legs.

Singapore Crab

For dessert I had the Pecan and maple pie, which was delicious with the bourbon icecream. The deep bourbon flavors radiated through the ice cream and it wad perfect with the nutty pecan and sweet maple.


The waiters were super friendly and might I add hot? The job ad probably read “Smoking Hot waiters wanted come with your CV and thermometers”. I don’t know about you, but good food and eye candy guarantees a comeback from me. Plus its 50% off all food until the end of July! So visit soon and as always and let me know if you do.


To make a reservation, email

The venue is open 12pm-2am daily and 8pm -1am during Ramadan

Visit www.crabtavern.ae for more information

Photos are not mine

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