5 Habits to drop 2016 and 5 to Start

Happy New Year Fit Foodies! New beginnings always excite me. I get super happy when I open a new book, sharpen a new pencil, even wearing a new dress for the first time gets me jiggy. I find the feeling of “newness” so liberating and refreshing. Pessimistic people never fail to cloud every year-end with “What’s the big deal” “It’s just another day” blah blah blah. I however choose to celebrate the significance of another added year and one of the things that always help mark the occasion is creating a list. Included in my list are some habits to drop in 2016 and ones to pick for a healthier and happier year. Please read and share with your friends. Did you make a 2016 list? I’d love to know what habits you are adding or dropping from routine this year, so please leave a comment below.


  1. The “later” mentality.Somehow I find myself leaving things to the very last minute simply because they don’t demand immediate attention. I let these seemingly inconsequential tasks pile up and they begin to form one very unnecessary monster that could have been easily avoided. At the end of the day I end up feeling stressed and angry with myself for getting into that situation and it all goes downhill from there.


So the first thing I’m doing in 2016 is dropping this “Oh, I’ll do it later mentality” which is pretty much why I’m writing this blog post now and not later tonight.

  1. Doubting myself. I am my biggest critic and while that can be a good thing I find that it is sometimes detrimental to my thought process. Psychoanalyzing my every move for perfection can open a black hole of uncertainty and insecurity and then I start to undermine my competency.


I find that working out usually gives me a boost of confidence, so when I feel anxiety and insecurity creeping up, I will reach for my running shoes and a great playlist for quick run to clear my head. A release of endorphins will get you thinking straight again.

  1. Living Digitally. Digital platforms are the reason why I have this blog and I can write this post. While it can be a useful tool, it can also easily suck you in. Sometimes I find myself stalking other people’s lives, which is not only a time waster, but it can also steer negative thoughts when you start to compare your lives. People only post the best version of themselves on social media.


So in 2016, instead of spending time on social media, I will use my time to learn a new language with a very useful app I discovered through by boyfriend called Duolingo. https://www.duolingo.com/

  1. Biting my nails. I don’t know how I’m still here but its how I deal with my anxiety. I have a friend who plucks out her eyebrows when she gets antsy. While you might not be extreme and take physical action against your body part, most people have a bad habit they fall back on when things start to get stressful. What’s yours? Comment below.


In 2016, instead of chomping on my tired nails I plan to write down the reasons for my anxiety and reflect on them. “Will this matter tomorrow” “In two months?” “A year?” You’ll find that in the long term they probably wouldn’t be relevant.

  1. Ordering the same dishes. If a restaurant gets it right the first time I go there, I always go back for the exact same experience. I want the same dish, the same table and even the same waiter if possible. It’s impossible to get a full scope of the restaurant by always eating the same things, I need to be more daring and spontaneous with my next attempt to pamper my deserving tummy.


Tell the waiter what you had during your last visit and ask for a new recommendation. Don’t forget to drop a nice tip if the waiter does well.


  1. Writing more. The act of writing is truly therapeutic. Write a word, write a sentence, draw a funny face of that annoying boss, just put pen to paper and express yourself. It helps you think through things and record memories, which can be helpful in future, record your amazing ideas you have in your head before you forget it. The first posts on this blog were from a little black book where I kept my food experiences and recipes. So write something today that may make you become the next big thing tomorrow.
  1. Travelling more. ‘The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.’ – Saint Augustine. In 2016 I’m going to actively save for a vacation. It’s time to stop talking about you dream trip and start actively figuring out how to make it happen. What I’m trying to do is make money from my hobbies, i.e. I occasionally work as a freelance dancer. You may not be a blogger but you could be good at drawing, sell you drawings. Like going for walks? Walk someone’s dog for a fee. You’ll find that it is not so hard to make extra money when you’re doing things you genuinely enjoy and it could be saved towards your dream trip.
  1. Saying Hello. I try to believe I’m a nice person but in public settings I usually refrain into a shell and this often comes off as haughty. Reaching out and saying hello might seem daunting but it could also be the start of beautiful opportunities and memories. Go places, meet people and say hi.
  1. Meditating. The power of tuning out is truly underrated. Actively choosing to quiet your mind in the bustling world we live in can lead to a more peaceful state of mind. It also helps in sharpening mental focus, creativity and overall greater sense of wellbeing. I found this article on mediating to be very helpful to beginners
  1. Doing It by Yourself. I’m going to spend more time making things and buying less. I’ve found YouTube to be very helpful with DIY projects. This way I can save money and its a great way to spend more time with family friends. I’m in the middle of making cushion covers for my living room with my flatmates. We are using a patch work of fabric from our old clothes and its coming together quite nicely. I’ll be sure to post a pic when we are done.


  1. kemi

    Hi Gebmi, happy new year. May all our wishes come true. i just read your post and you actually right, am going to stick by them. especially traveling more , this year am going to be doing alot of traveling because i also belive in been exposed and seeing the world , learning new things. once again thank you for the post its so inspiring.

    • Gbemi G Giwa

      Hi Kemi, thank you for the lovely comment! I pray all your wishes come true as well! Enjoy your travels! Xx

  2. Saloni Banga

    Brilliant post. I particularly loved the website you have recommended for learning new languages, I have been spending some time on the same since yesterday and it’s such a resourceful find. Wishing you happiness and joy this new year!

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