Cocktail Kitchen | The Vinyl Brunch #DFFReviews

Cocktail Kitchen | The Vinyl Brunch #DFFReviews

Brunch is Dubai’s favorite sport. It is also on my top 10 best things to do in Dubai list. It was a raining as I parked my car in Cluster P, JLT and headed to the basement where I was to be having brunch at the Cocktail Kitchen. As I hurriedly walked down the winding steps of the building, I muddled over all the foodie research I had done beforehand. The concept of the concept of the restaurant was pretty straightforward, “bringing together great food and great drinks”. In all my foodie experience, great food doesn’t necessarily guarantee great drinks, so if a place confidently boasts of having both, it has my attention, but with my attention comes great expectations.

IMG_8687Two years ago during my internship at JLT, I could confidently speak of the dining scene; it was casual food, café settings, and cozy ambience. However as with everything in Dubai, it has also been given a facelift with several restaurant additions worth exploring on a foodie trail. 30 seconds after walking in to the Cocktail Kitchen, it made its impression. I was completely blown away by the décor, but not in the glam let’s over do it Dubai way. It was chic and modern, with clean simple tones reminding me of everything I love about modern design. Straight lines, lots of white, bare wood, clear glass and open panels allowing natural light to flow in. The space was designed as sequence of spaces that maximize social interaction as part of the overall experience, brilliant UX execution. I was already in a good mood and I hadn’t even started eating.

The brunch experience allowed me to taste an array of starters, mains and desserts, partly due to the cleverly portioned dishes and partly because I was with a table of six bloggers, all were as eager as I was to eat. The brunch was organised by Monica, the fab blogger behind, so it came on good recommendation.

Again, expectations.

So, great food? Well before I answer, I must mention that I have worked with the CK Head Chef in the past and in my experience, his food has never been disappointing. I choose to highlight the dishes I particularly enjoyed, starting with the Risotto Funghi , a delicious rendition of mushroom risotto. It was rich and creamy but with a signature bite that made every mouthful a delight.

IMG_8718I also enjoyed the Left leg of Lamb, which was served with parsnip puree, glazed onions, and cranberry sauce. One word? Amazing. The meat was succulent and willingly fell of the bones. May I add that it was seasoned to perfection?

I posted this photo of the Paella and it seemed to be very well received on Instagram. It was good dish, balanced with a variety of seafood however I can’t honestly say it’s the best Paella I’ve tried, it’s more of a 3 out of 5. My favorite of the starters was the Sizzling Sausage, a homemade sausage true to Chef Javier’s Argentinean origins; it was served on a rustic baguette, a true pleasure.

IMG_8734Working in the restaurant industry myself, I know not to judge a restaurant’s bar by what it serves for brunch, as it’s a cost and balance game. However the cocktail selection was quite nice, I do wish I tried the wine even though the selection was limited.

Dessert was a mixed platter of sweets, some sweeter than others, but overall a pleasant end to a good meal. The vinyl brunch is exclusive to Fridays from 1pm to 4pm at AED 345 for an all-inclusive package. It is unlimited food, so you can order whatever you want as many times as you want. I’ve included an image of the menu so you can see the amount of food. A LOT, great value for money.

The service was cautious and pleasant and so was my company, Dubai is famous for it rowdy brunch crowds but I didn’t get any of that. I do hope to be back soon for a taste of the a la crate menu.

Please find full information about The Vinyl Brunch below and let me know if you go!

Gbemi x

Side Note: It’s called the “Vinyl Brunch” for its laidback vinyl beats, so if music is a thing you look out for when you dine out, its another plus.


Name: The Vinyl Brunch

Date & Time: Friday, 1pm to 4pm

Location:  Armada BlueBay Hotel, Cluster P, Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT), Dubai

Contact: or call +971 56 828 0727











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