How to “construct” an Insta perfect Smoothie Jar | 7 steps to #InstaCool

How to “construct” an Insta perfect Smoothie Jar | 7 steps to #InstaCool

In a world where eating healthy isn’t only good for you, it is also Instagram friendly; you wouldn’t want to fall behind would you? I’m here to provide some easy steps to make the perfect Instagram smoothie jar. So if you’re keen to know how to add another badge to your “cool kid” vest, keep reading.

You’ll need

  1. A colorful smoothie. Extra points if it tastes good too.
  2. Chia pudding. Hey the chia trend didn’t die 2016, you need to keep up.
  3. Have lots of variety, in different colors, shapes and sizes.
  4. Edible flowers. My latest obsession, pretty things you can also eat.


Step 1 – Make Smoothie. I simply blended 1 handful of Kale, 1-cup coconut milk, 1 ripe banana and 1-teaspoon cinnamon with a cup of ice.

Step 2 – Pour smoothie in a large transparent jar and place in the freezer for 30 minutes. The more solid it gets the better chance you have for a clear defined line. If you’re going for a gradient look, then the rules change completely.

Step 3 – Make Chia pudding. You really should have made this the night before; you can use my overnight chia pudding recipe here and here.

Step 4 – Decorate the side of the Jar. You can use any fruits but I went for some orange slices. Whatever fruit you choose, just make sure you have nice thin slices. Carefully place them on the side of the jar in as many rotations as you’d like. I went for a minimal look because I’m cool like that.

Step 5- Fill the jar with the second layer. I used chia pudding because I was going for a more filling jar, but its not unconventional to use another smoothie. The key thing is to have a different color. Looks matter.

Step 6 – Toppings. Get fruity! The top layer should be a medley of fruits, nuts, raisins, edible flowers, whatever your Insta-cool heart desires just make sure its contrasting colors

Step 7 – Eat your piece of mutherfucking art, but not before you take a photo for Instagram and tag me @DubaiFitFoodie

What do you think?