DFF Wellness – White Room Spa

DFF Wellness – White Room Spa

I’ve been training hard this past few months and naturally, that has taken its toll on my body and mind. As much I appropriate fit living, I’m having the constant need to check myself to ensure, I’m living a balanced and well life.

Wellness, a healthy balance of the mind, body and spirit that results in an overall feeling of wellbeing. It’s pure bliss to feel well and truly relaxed, some people try yoga, some meditate (I do too) but you know what’s a surefire way to feel well? The Spa, and not just any Spa, The White Room Spa.

_DSC1641I’ve been going to The White Room now for over 3 years not just because it’s conveniently close to my house, but because it offers some of the best services out there at very reasonable prices. I’ve been there to get my eyebrows threaded, nails done, blow dry, Moroccan bath, all the beauty services you can imagine, they have it. See the full list here.

However, delving into wellness I was glad when I was given the opportunity to review some of their wellness treatments. It’s been a week and I’m still in a state of bliss. I remember the masseuse competent hands as she rubbed me down using hot stones in a dimly lit room infused with the calming essence of lavender. This 75-minute massage experience was created to relieve the tension in the muscles and to aid in blood circulation and stress relief. I know many people are uncomfortable with massages but the beautician who handled me was very professional and cautious. She took my permission before working on my intimate areas, that was awkward for me to write but no worries.

I’ve been raving about my massage without telling you how my body was prepped for it. To start with, I had the Spicy Delight Ritual which was a cleansing body scrub, think Moroccan bath but with the scent of sweet juicy oranges. I choose this treatment because all the harsh exposure to my skin has been getting from the sun has left me discolored in a lot of areas. Yay. Thankfully the critic acid in the orange and grapefruit tone and lighten the skin and the amazing cinnamon teases your sense throughout the bath. My skin felt so bright and when I was done.

I ended my treatment with the “Le Grande Classique” facial, of all my treatments I really enjoyed this the most. If you know me, you probably know how “anyhow” I am with skin care, I’m a shower and go type of girl, so when iI do get a chance to treat my skin, I want to FEEL treated. My face feels amazzinnnnnnnng!

So that’s it guys. Wanna feel well and calm? Try the White Room. I can’t wait to bring you guys more of these types of posts, WR have three locations and one is probably close to you.

The White Room Spa has three locations in Marina Mall, Motor City and Jumeirah Lake Towers. More info can be found on their site, http://www.whiteroomdubai.com/





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