Fume Dubai – Restaurant Review

Fume Dubai – Restaurant Review

When the word “spicy” is used in Dubai, I’m never quite sure what to expect. Spicy to me means a pot of my mum’s stew made with only the freshest Scotch bonnet peppers. The spice hits you through your mouth and nose; even your eyes will begin to twitch. It’s a warming heat that fills your body from the inside out. The sensation is really quite indescribable and it’s nestled deep within the fondest memories of my childhood. I’d almost forgotten the feeling till my first sip of the Desert Donkey cocktail at Fume Dubai.

“Its spicy” the waiter reminded me as he served my drink. I wanted to tell him that it was fine; spicy is never that spicy in Dubai at least my toughened taste buds didn’t think so. I took one sip from my glass and it warmed me right up. It wasn’t my mother’s stew but it made me feel all those good things all over again. Served with a whole chili and flecks of ginger and coriander, it reminded me of a popular local drink in Nigeria called Zobo, (See my recipe here). The similarity in depth and layers of flavor was a very welcome surprise. The Desert Donkey is hands down the best cocktail I have ever had in Dubai. It took me no time at all to finish my drink but when I placed an order for a second one I was disappointed by the distinct drop in flavor. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t quite as good, now I can’t help but wonder if my favorite drink in Dubai was a fluke.

It’s been over a month since I last dined at Fume but every time I hear the words steak salad, I’m transported back to the perfection of Fume’s Spicy Thai Beef Salad. Perfectly cooked thinly cut steak, crunchy bean sprouts, hints of chilly, zesty punches of lime, the perfect fusion of Asian flavors. I imagine that happiness tastes like this salad; in fact I was so enthralled by the salad that I immediately recommended it to a friend who was booked to visit Fume the following week. She reported that it wasn’t on the menu, which came as a surprise to me, a bad surprise. Granted the menu I was served was created specifically for the occasion, but it’s a shame to leave that salad out of the menu. It is definitely a dish I’m sure a lot of people will enjoy. Nonetheless, I welcome you to try your luck; maybe they’ll whip up a Spicy Thai Beef Salad for you if you ask for it. 

The Steak Salad is in fact on the menu, I’ve confirmed with the restaurant. All is right with the world again.


Fume means “smoke” in French and this name carries on into the type of food they serve; smoky, slow cooked soul food with Latin and Asian inspirations aka mouth watering satisfaction. In line with Dubai’s happening food trend, the food is made to share. It’s one of the Marina Pier 7 restaurants, with a gorgeous view to go with. The interior décor is very woodsy giving off an overall casual vibe, which I couldn’t get enough of.

Alongside the Thai Beef Salad, I tried the Crispy duck, Watermelon and Cashew salad; another explosion of flavor. The dark poultry paired really well with the fresh watermelon. It was a mouthful of texture, crispy, juicy and tender. Nom Nom. I also opted to try the Fume mushroom empanadas with hot sauce. A delicious flaky crust filled with a tender braise of mushrooms. Another highlight of the night was the 6hour smoked chuck beef rib and slaw, cooked in their special Mibrasa oven. This meat was tender to a fault, moist juicy melt in your mouth greatness in every bite.

The salmon did not disappoint either, perfectly cooked and seasoned. I thoroughly enjoyed it with a serving of Fume’s Bok Choy in oyster garlic sauce.I was so stuffed that I opted for a simple sorbet for dessert, which did an excellent job of concluding my dinner.Fume serves really tasty food; I can only hope they can fix the inconsistencies in their chain. I’m back there this weekend. Keep up with me on twitter for live updates on my dinning experiences.

See below for information on Fume,

Pricing: Approx 200 pp.

Location: 1st floor, Pier 7 behind Dubai Marina Mall

For enquiries: 04 4215669

Website: http://www.fume-eatery.com/