When Fume does LOVE – DFF Valentine’s Day Picks

When Fume does LOVE – DFF Valentine’s Day Picks

You’re either super excited about Valentine’s Day or you hate it. If you hate it, you can stop reading now.

I am excited about this Valentine’s Day because for one I’ll be eating a lot of chocolate. Valentine’s Day is your guilt free chocolate day pass. Yes, that’s a real thing I just made up now. My boyfriend is planning a surprise and I’ve been told not to make any plans but I have itchy fingers, so I’ve decided to plan your Valentine’s day for you. You’re welcome. Every day till the 14th of February, I’ll be posting something on my website or my social media pages that’ll get you “Valentine’s day ready” so grab your pens and get comfy.

Number one, book a dinner for 2 at Fume for just AED 222 per person. If you read my review of Fume a few months back, you’ll know I absolutely love the place. If you’re searching for a typical candle lit dinner for two with lots of fluff, hearts and roses, you will not find it at Fume. However, if what you want is an uncomplicated, flavor-packed menu of home-style cooking, an explosion of sweet, sour, spicy and salty flavors! Smoked, pickled, brined, cured, or slow cooked? I highly recommend this place.

Amazing food, tick.

Great service, tick.

No pressure, tick.

The rest is up to you. I had a chance to preview the limited edition Valentine’s day menu and I’m happy to report that it was far from disappointing, delivering in typical Fume style but with more hearts and pink. I’ve listed the menu below. I hope you guys will explore this option and don’t forget to check back for my next post!

Kisses x


Saucy Starters

House Smoked Salmon tart

Italian Burrata with strawberries & balsamic

Steak tartar with slow cooked organic egg

Foie Gras Terrine with berry jam

Naughty Mains

Pink Beef Sliders

King Shrimp gratin

Beetroot crusted Salmon

Korean lamb cutlets

Bok Choy

Selection of Decadent Desserts

Pink éclair with strawberries

Black forest chocolate pudding with cherry ice cream

Booking Information

Fümé Pier 7, Dubai Marina: tel. +971 4 421 5669

Fümé Downtown Dubai: tel. +971 4 456 8784



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