Dubai is a Food Lover’s haven and while that’s good, having too many choices can be a problem (Well, it is to me). So, I’ve created a page with a list of my top 100 restaurants and delivery services with healthy food options organised by budget because let’s be real, eating healthy is not always pocket friendly and this way you know exactly what you are getting into.


This list is for you, my lovely beautiful wonderful amazing readers but its also for me. So the next time someone asks me where they can find healthy dinning options in Dubai, instead of talking off the top of my head I’ll simply refer them here. So tell a friend to tell a friend that this list exists.

What’s included?

For each listing I’ve selected a 3 courseDubai Fit Foodie approved menu from the A la carte offerings. I’ve chosen these dishes because that’s what I’d eat myself and also because that’s what you guys would too. Yes, I factored in google, trip advisor and zomato reviews. See? I was very thorough.  Each listing includes a brief about the restaurant, dinning concept, booking information, location, website and social media (where applicable).


I will be updating this list monthly so you can always have new options, the very best ones will stay of course. I also welcome suggestions from you all. Which restaurants shouldn’t be here? Which restaurants should? If you’re a restaurant and I’ve missed you please send me an email to [email protected] with a profile on your restaurant and I’ll be happy to objectively review.

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