How to make an Avocado Bun Burger

How to make an Avocado Bun Burger

Avocado has taken the food world by storm, and just when I thought we’d seen everything it has to offer from avocado fries, to avocado brownies, to avocado roses, the “Avocado Bun” surfaces.

It’s a bun that probably has more calories than your regular bread, but c’mon it’s avocado, king of the healthy fats and although it looks like a towering mass, it’s the simplest thing really. The magic is in the layering.

Caution: You may or may not be able to fit all this into your mouth.

Is this recipe a mess? Yes. Is it a fun mess? Yes. Is it delicious? Yes, but then again you can’t f*ck avocado up. So let’s break it down, for a burger you need a simple formula of Bun + Patty + Filings + Sauce + Bun right?

IMG_4446 copyBun = ½ Avocado

Patty = Beef| Chicken| Black bean burger

Filling = Lettuce | Kale | Tomato

Sauce = Honey Mustard + Sweet Chili Sauce + Soy Sauce

Bun = ½ Avocado 


  • You have to work quickly with the avocado so it doesn’t brown. I’ve found that rubbing it with a little bit of olive oil keeps it green and helps the skin peel off easily.
  • You’ll have to slice off of the bottom avocado bun so it can stand on a flat surface.
  • If your burger keeps falling apart like mine did, simple anchor by sinking a wooden skewer through its center.

That’s it. Yalla, go forth and avocado bun.


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