Plantain Cups

Plantain Cups

Hello foodies!

I’m finally feeling the pressure of the new year, I have a million things to do and time keeps slipping by, I sincerely hope I can get to all my goals before the year is out. I was going to postpone this till later in the day, but I’m saying no to procrastination in 2015 and yes to “now” besides, everyone one needs to try this like yesterday! Okay, so I’ll hit you with 3 facts about why I find this recipe super awesome, not that you care! (Just joking, I know you care Beyonce voice).

  • I love plantain (but so does every damn Nigerian)
  • I love small food (Okay like how cute is mini-food? Like seriously it just tastes and looks so much better)
  • They are freaking delicious. This is a fact.

You know what else? They are simple to make, you can make them in large batches, they make a great party appetiser AND You can eat them it anything. Here, I filled them with some good ol’ guacamole and grilled shrimp, but I can’t wait to try other fillings. (I’m thinking some assorted beef stew? Or maybe some eggs and turkey bacon for a breakfast treat?) See? I already got you salivating! Do try this one out, you’ll thank yourself (and me of course). See the last photo for the full recipe!

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  1. alifemoment

    Wow, this is amazing, what a great photo too, love it

  2. An Afrikan Butterfly

    I’ve been seeing these plantain cups on the Internet and looking away, thinking they were stress. I love plantain & this looks easy! I will try this when I get cupcake pans, or something! 🙂

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