Triathlon Update – I think I’ve picked up a new skill, falling down.  

Triathlon Update – I think I’ve picked up a new skill, falling down.  

My Triathlon training is in full gear with almost a quarter of the journey completed. Each day comes new surprises, there is triumph of going faster and longer than you ever thought you could, and then there is the falling down on your butt repeatedly because for an unfathomable reason you can’t successfully mount your road bike.

So far we’ve had all our cycling sessions at Bespoke ride, cycling as a sport is foreign territory but I felt myself improving with every 6am session and I was starting to feel somewhat comfortable with peddling my feet for 60 minutes non-stop. I was learning to ignore the groin aches the saddle seats gave and I was finally maintaining at least 80 RPM in my sessions (most of the time)



That all changed when I picked up my bike in preparation for the Friday training session last week. The team assembled at Cycle Park on Meydan road at 8am, yes I no longer sleep in on the weekends. I arrived just in time, enthusiastic about the day ahead, we would finally be going out on the road. After spending about 30 minutes getting our bikes fitted with cleats, checking the air in our tyres and a general knowledge session about caring for our new very expensive babies, we were all set to take our bikes for a spin.


I heard everything our coach Omar said and I fully understood it, at least I thought I did, and looking around me everyone seemed to be doing just fine so it came as a shock when I found myself flat on the floor five seconds later. All I remembered was gasps from everyone as fell down.


My other falls weren’t as fast, they were slow and very painful. Each left its mark, literally, I’m still black and blue. I kept trying but at the end of the session I was badly bruised and still unable to successful mount my bike with two cleat clipped in.


Still smiling though because, well I can’t cry.

I bet you were looking for a happy ending? Well there none for now, I’ll keep trying and get back to you next week with more cheerful news hopefully.


Gbemi x


  1. An Afrikan Butterfly

    Keep at it!
    You’ll get better, and better.
    Here for your happy ending!

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