Why Eat Greek? – The benefits of the “Mediterranean Diet” with Eat Greek Kouzina

Why Eat Greek? – The benefits of the “Mediterranean Diet” with Eat Greek Kouzina

As we were preparing to wrap up 2015, my schedule literally became an unworkable puzzle work, event, reviews, gym, party, blog, repeat. Oh ma gadddddd. In between the cute Instagram photos, I was a hot and confused mess but thank God for a New Year and renewed vigor. One of the lovely events I attended was the opening of Eat Greek Kouzina, a restaurant that offers authentic Greek food in a casual and relaxed setting.


The new branch is located at Mall of the Emirates (Yay, the closest mall to my house), it’s on the second floor of the new mall extension, right next to the cinema. Although it’s the second Eat Greek branch (the first is on JBR), it was my first time dinning with them, which is weird because I love Greek food. Why? It’s simple really; Greek cuisine is primarily inclusive of nutrient dense dishes made with wholesome fruits, vegetable and nuts. In addition, olive oil is the primary source of fat in most Greek dishes and the oil is known to offer health benefits which include but are not limited to lower risks of heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke, glowing skin (you know I love a glow) and so much more. If I haven’t already convinced you on the “Mediterranean” diet, you’ll be glad to know that with the exception of the occasional lamb dish, there is little or no red meat, instead the main protein source is from wholesome fish and seafood.

Cretan Dakos salad copy

Greek food really had me at Moussaka, which is a lighter version of lasagna as its skips the pasta (yay gluten free + low carb friendly) and replaces it with eggplant. It’s actually one of my favorite dishes to make and I find it best when it’s made lightly with little or no oil (recipe coming soon). Eat Greek Kouzina offers a really delicious take on this dish. I also believe it the only Greek restaurant in MOE. It’s casual booths and table settings provide a relaxed ambiance that is perfect for a shopping break.

Other classics on the menu include tzatziki, which is made of strained yogurt mixed with cucumbers, garlic, salt, olive oil, red wine vinegar, and sometimes dill. The Greek salad was fresh and light. Another definite delight on the menu is Lamb gyro, a moist and tasty grilled dish that will give you a satisfying protein boost.

Baked feta cheeseSo if you’re in MOE or you want to try Greek Food, do stop by. Pease find more details below. Also please leave a comment on your favorite healthy cuisines and why.


Eat Greek Kouzina in Mall of the Emirates is open daily for lunch and dinner from 12pm to 12am and the prices are a la carte. For enquires, please call +971 43255091.

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