Chia Seed Pink Lemonade

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Merry Christmas Eve! I hope all your preparations for Christmas are in order. Although I’m muslim I enjoy the holiday as much as anyone out there.  So if you were looking for healthy mocktails to try out this Christmas season, you can be rest assured you came to the right place. I’ll be preparing this drink in large batches for the Christmas Barbecue I’ll be hosting tomorrow.

Perks of living in the middle east 101, You can have Barbecues in December. Its actually the best time to haul out that grill. In the summer its way too hot, the heat form the grill and the sun will literally have you drowning in a pool of your own sweat. I’m talking from experience trust me. 

This drink is pretty easy, for every two cups of lemon juice, add a quarter cup of raspberry puree (pits included), and a quarter cup of agave syrup. This mixture serves 6. Wet the top of your martini glasses with some syrup, then rim them with chia seeds. When ready to serve, pour in your drink, a sprig of mint and garnish with a lemon wedge. Its that simple, have fun making this delicious drink and I’d love to hear all about your Christmas plans, leave a comment below. Muah.

Tip: If you’re hosting a large group of people for Christmas like I am, simply multiply the recipe accordingly and place in large pitchers and refrigerate. Set up a table with your glasses, some ice, lemon wedges and mint leaves. That way everyone can serve themselves and you have more free time to man the grill (or oven).


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