Chai Seed Pink Lemonade

Merry Christmas Eve! I hope all your preparations for Christmas are in order. Although I’m muslim I enjoy the holiday as much as anyone out there.  So if you were looking for healthy mocktails to try out this Christmas season, you can be rest assured you […]

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Al Qasba & Sushi

So I was hit by a sudden craving for sushi over the weekend and I decided to oblige. The closest sushi spot to my university is at Al Qasba which is a picturesque location in the heart of Sharjah. I like to call it the Sharjah […]

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Spinach Crepes

I’m currently nestling in spinach-ville. I bought a bag of spinach and I’ve been including them in every meal. Hell yes superfood! Yes glowing skin! Yes detoxifier. Okay you get the point? Spinach is good for you. I got inspired to try this recipe while reading one […]

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Spinach Ice Pops with Coconut Yogurt

I started juicing earlier this year and to be honest it took me a while to adjust to drinking my veggies. I’m used to it now, in fact I find few things more refreshing than freshly squeezed “veggie” juice. Plus, recipes like this make it easy, delicious […]

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Chia Seed Pudding with Plum compote

This has become my to go breakfast in the last week. It is light but filling, rich and extremely delicious. Another thing I love about this breakfast is that it requires no cooking. Yup. I simply mix the plant milk, yogurt, honey, vanilla and salt […]


Dubai Fit Foodie In NewYork

New York is my favourite city in the world. Sorry Dubai. It was my favourite city before I ever visited it. It sounds fickle but with every NY based movie I watched or book I read, my love grew. I visited New York in October for the […]

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