A Day In My Life + Shashouka

A Day In My Life + Shashouka

On Wednesday I had the Journey of a Champion crew film a day in my life. If you’re wondering why I’m being filmed, you can read about how I’m doing my first Triathlon and why there is a TV Show about it.

I used to imagine what it felt like to be Kim K, but not anymore. I don’t think I’ve ever had to live my life so many times, just to get right shot. The entire experience got me thinking about my life and how I live it. I don’t know what other 22 year olds feel but for me life feels like a constant roll of needing to achieve, and each achievement is only relevant for as long as it is not achieved. Once it is? Bye b*tch. Or maybe that’s just me.

It makes life tough you know, because I always feel like I’m not doing enough, I always want more. A part of me hopes I will outgrow this ravenous hunger, but the better part of me know that this is me, I am an achievement hungry millennial who won’t stop till she builds and empire.

Peeks in to the future Empire built. Stopping? Nope.

Okay, I think I’ve gone a bit off track. Here’s what a day in my life typically looks like and least the bits we were able to get on camera.

5:30am – Wake up

6:00am – Workout Session

8:30am – Breakfast

Today its’ Shashouka. You can use my recipe here, I served this with steamed asparagus and avocado. So good, the film crew even came off camera for a good helping of it.IMG_8542

9:00am – Cook, Photograph, Write, Blog, Schedule Meetings, Blog,

12:00pm- Get to work, work

3:00pm – Meetings

8:30pm – Leave work

9:00pm – Restaurant review/Meetings

11:00pm – Try to sleep, but mostly think about all the shit that didn’t get done that day

12:30pm – Sleep, repeat

*Somewhere in between, I eat my meals, I go on social media, I drive, I pan the next day, do emails, normal stuff.



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