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How I like my Toast

So delicious and simple! I’m in love with this breakfast idea. It’s more of an assembly than a recipe. All you need to do is layer toasted brown bread with guacamole, roasted tomato (click on the link for my recipe) and boiled eggs. Top with […]


Baked Eggs and Crab

I’m writing this blog post during a break in my Cities and Cinema class. We are watching an old classic. Blade Runner. Film lovers and critics, any thoughts? Cut. Okay, let’s talk food. (See what I did there? Lol!) From the feedback I got on […]

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Plantain Pancakes

Everyone loves plantain, well everyone should. If you aren’t familiar with plantains, you need to hop on ‘em real quick. They look like banana’s older brother, with a deeper color and larger frame. They are a popular side dish in Caribbean and African cuisine because […]


Akara Pancakes

Hey loves, Tomorrow is Pancake day! Who’s excited? I know I am. I’ve done more pancake recipes on my blog than anything else, so it’s pretty obvious I love pancakes. Make anything into a pancake and I will gobble it all up. So when you look at […]


Breakfast Burrito

Good morning! I woke up feeling bright and sunny and I’m definitely in the mood for some Mexican. I posted this recipe on my Instagram page last year (HAHAHAH okay last week) and I got great feedback! So here’s the full recipe. Enjoy.   Ingredients 1 […]

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Walnut & Red Quinoa Bread

  Happy New Year! How did you celebrate? I spent mine indoors praying for a better year ahead. I also took the time to finalize my New Year resolutions (Yes I am one of those people who doesn’t think resolutions are just a waste of […]

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Chia Seed Pudding with Plum compote

This has become my to go breakfast in the last week. It is light but filling, rich and extremely delicious. Another thing I love about this breakfast is that it requires no cooking. Yup. I simply mix the plant milk, yogurt, honey, vanilla and salt […]


Blueberry Parfait

One word, Blueberries! They are so cheap at this time of the year. I picked up several boxes for 10Dhs a piece and they usually go for 17 Dhs. What a bargain! Blueberries are oh SO delicious! They top the list of super foods as […]

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